Support for Education of Underprivileged Children


Pl support to boost education of Rural Children and Develop Telgavan Educational Center for providing quality education to underprivileged children through Navodaya Mission, an E-Voice of NTPC Vindhyachal. Your small contribution may help some kids to achieve their dreams and come out from vicious cycle of poverty.

ItemRateNo of Students TotalBooks Distribute Payment Status 
Books for DPS Students 2010510050YesDue
JNV Entrance Books200306000For Students of Nearby Village maily Telgawan
Hindi Vyakaran180305400For Students of Nearby Village maily Telgawan
Hindi – English Translation166304980For Students of Nearby Village maily Telgawan
Lucent Samanya Gyan80302400
Smart Television (32 Inch)15000 (approx.)115,000Telgawan Center  
Total Fund to Be raised  43,830  
Account Detail    Navodaya Mission Trust,
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 37 288 740 410,
IFSC Code: SBIN0007937,
MICR Code: 486002068,
State Bank of India, Vindhya Nagar, Waidhan, Singrauli            

Address for Sending Books directly     NH2/C3, Vindhyanagar, Waidhan,
Singrauli, MP-486885

Invitation: Teach online for Underprivileged children


Meera Online Learning Center is an initiative of Navodaya Mission to provide open platform to all who are desirous to impart knowledge by developing videos. Pl mail me if you are willing to teach for poor at

We will invite you to become author so that you yourself manage your post.

You may upload on Meera YouTube Channel here:


Help to fight Covid 19 -Draft

Let’s help our students and villagers (let’s start with Telgawan):

Amid this deadly Covid 19, which has started penetrating in villages, we may extend help to at least some villagers also through our Meera Learning Centers. Several Covid Positive cases have started coming at Telgawan village. Family of our volunteers, students and their relatives are getting affected also. Let’s extend a small help to them. Can we provide them Masks, Sanitizers, ORS and some essential medicines? (Medicine may be kept in stock and will be given to family of patient based on prescription or we may directly donate some amount in their bank account). We may give bedsheets, towels etc. for maintaining hygiene. A small help may extend hope which will augment positive energy to fight. They may get relieved from fear and get cured. We may also buy some oximeters etc. and may sponsor oxygen cylinder for some patients if required. Telgawan village has no medical shops and no proper medical practitioners. Gram Panchayats will be motivated and guided to establish small Covid centers at Rural Schools, Gram Panchayat or any other public buildings. They may in turn take help from government and other agencies for the same. Come forward and extend help to villagers.

Call for Doctors: You may give online consultation to villagers. Pl drop a message at 8005442097 if interested.

You may donate here:

Navodaya Mission Trust

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 37 288 740 410

IFSC Code: SBIN0007937

YOU MAY PAY navodayamissiontrust@sbi


Branch- Vindhya Nagar

The MEDICINE KIT each for ₹350/- includes (Rate as suggested by Singh Medical):  

  1. Doxycycline 100 mg BD For 5 days
  2. Vitamin c and zinc tablet OD 10 days
  3. Paracetamol 500 mg 10 tabs
  4. Ranitidine OD 10days
  5. Ivermectin 12mg od 5 days
  6. 3 masks
  7. 1 ORS powder
  8. 1 sanitiser

This set of medicine has been found very effective in nullifying mild symptoms of Covid-19. (source: accessed on 11.05.2021)


Navodaya Mission (Vindhyachal) Team and Telgawan Team

नवोदय मिशन वार्षिक संदेश

नवोदय मिशन के द्वारा सेवा कार्य जीवन पर्यंत चलने वाला है। इसलिए कार्य थोड़ा या ज्यादा इसकी निरंतरता बनाए रखिए। नवोदय मिशन आगे बढ़ता रहे। नए –नए सदस्य बनाते रहिए। गरीब बच्चों का कल्याण होता रहे। शिक्षा का कार्य धैर्य के साथ करना पड़ता है। इसमें रिज़ल्ट आने में सालों लग जाते हैं। लेकिन अच्छा शिक्षित-संस्कारित छात्र विभिन्न आयामों में अपना योगदान दे सकता है। शिक्षा में परिणाम के लिए मीरा का कृष्ण के प्रति जैसी भक्ति थी, उसी भाव एवं निष्ठा से  शिक्षण कार्य में निरंतरता को बनाए रखना पड़ेगा। बच्चे भी कृष्ण बनकर जगत को नई दिशा दे सकते है, देश को विकास की राह पर ले जा सकते हैं।  इसी भाव के साथ मीरा लर्निंग सेंटर नए-नए जगहों पर खुले और अच्छे से चले इसके लिए हम सब प्रयास करते रहेंगे। l